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*beep beep*

The emulated sun on the lighting panels had started to set some time ago, it was getting late.
Reluctantly, the only occupant of the mid-sized office relinquished her attention from the story she was-…

*beep beep*

"Ugh, come in!"

The impatient intruder revealed to be a young man in a lab coat, more a tribute to his profession than a necessity, really. In his hand a tablet he was clinging to almost as much as to the concerned expression on his face.

"Doctor? To what do owe the house call?"

"I've got the crew exams you asked for, Captain."

"You could have just sent them, is something not right?"

"Physically, they're all fine, but there's something I wanted to discuss with you in person. During the tests, I talked to them and noticed something strange. At first I thought it was only a few of them, but it seems everyone is affected. Even me and - I went though your medical history - you!"


"The entire crew shows a significant lack of Science Fiction, we need to act immediately!"