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  • See also: Statute
  • This is a not legally binding English translation of our membership fee regulations. The German version can be found at Beitragsordnung.
  • Since the translation happened before the most recent changes, this version is currently out of date.

Stratum 0 e. V. membership fee regulations

4th December 2016

§0 Fees

  1. The membership fee for regular members amounts to 20€ per month. Supporting members pay an arbitrary fee of at least 30€ per year. The amount has to be a multiple of 12 cents.
  2. Pupils, students, trainees, recipients of social assistance or unemployment assistance including benefits within the meaning of §22 without surcharges or §24 to SGB II, as well as recipients to BAföG are eligible to become a regular member at the reduced fee of 12€ per month. Verification has to be presented to the board on demand.
  3. Should a regular member not be able to pay the fee for financial reasons, they may apply to the board for a reduction or exemption for up to one year, after which it will have to be renewed by a successive application. The reduced monthly fee has to be a round sum of cents.
  4. All members are encouraged to donate regularly to the association within the limits of their financial resources. A donation in the amount of 1% of gross income is recommended.

§1 Due date

  1. The fee is due in advance on the first business day of every month or with the approval of application for membership for the current month.
  2. Any member can choose to pay in advance on the first weekday of a quarter, half-year or year respectively.

§2 Payment methods

  1. the fees may be paid by bank transfer (e.g. standing order) or via SEPA direct debit procedure. For collection via SEPA direct debit transfer, a SEPA direct debit authorization has to be submitted to the board in written form. Any costs which may arise due to charge back at the fault of the member will be charged to the members account.
  2. In alternative to par. 1 the fee may be paid in cash to the treasurer, provided they are ready to receive the payment at the respective moment in time.

§3 Admission fees

  1. There are no admission fees.

§4 Refunds

  1. Membership fees that have been paid in advance for future months can be refunded at the request of the member on the termination of their membership. The refund must be requested within 6 weeks of the membership termination.