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Our Hackerspace is situated in Braunschweig in a bussines park called „Schimmel-Hof”, which is at the Hamburger Straße 273A (entrance A2) at 52.2785658 N, 10.5211247 E (see map on the right), on the first floor. Be sure to turn right on the first stairs into a secondary corridor, but then you cannot miss it.

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  • Coming from Gifhorn, follow Bundesstraße B4 to Braunschweig, until it becomes the Autobahn A391.
  • Coming from Wolfsburg, follow Autobahn A39 in direction to Braunschweig. At interchange Wolfsburg-Königslutter, change to A2 in direction to Hannover, and follow until interchange Braunschweig-Nord. At Braunschweig-Nord, change to A391 towards Braunschweig-Südwest.
  • Coming from Hanover, follow Autobahn A2 heading towards Berlin, coming from Berlin head towards Hanover accordingly. At interchange Braunschweig-Nord change to A391 for Braunschweig-Südwest.
  • Coming from Kassel or Hildesheim: Autobahn A7 until interchange Derneburg/Salzgitter, then change to A39 towards Braunschweig. At interchange Braunschweig-Südwest, head for A2/Braunschweig Nord on A391.

Finally, on Autobahn A391, change to A392 at interchange Braunschweig-Ölper heading for Hamburger Straße. At the end of the motorway, keep right onto Hamburger Straße, and after about 400 m, turn around at the railway crossing (directly at the tram station), then immediately turn right at the big sign „Schimmel-Hof“ (immediately before the railroad crossing) to the parking area.

Parking: Within business hours, try to find parking spaces which are not assigned to companies (although there are only a few spaces). In the weekend, you can usually park whereever you find free slots, most of the employees are absent anyways. If you cannot find free/unassigned slots in front of the building, you can try your luck following the driveway to the courtyard among the C buildings.

Public Transport

Regional trains at Wikipedia-W.svgBraunschweig Central Station go bi-hourly to and from Gifhorn, Stendal, Bielefeld and Rheine, and at least hourly from and to Helmstedt/Magdeburg, Peine/Hannover, Wolfenbüttel, Salzgitter-Ringelheim/Seesen/Osterode/Herzberg and Wolfsburg. Furthermore, there are individual trains connecting Braunschweig with Salzgitter-Thiede/-Lebenstedt and Hildesheim.

Also, Braunschweig is connected to the German long-distance network with the ICE lines Berlin – Göttingen – Kassel – Frankfurt – Mannheim – Stuttgart – Augsburg – Munich and Berlin – Mannheim – Freiburg – Basel respectively, as well as Dresden – Leipzig/Halle – Magdeburg – Hanover – Bremen – Oldenburg. In addition, there are InterCity connections to Bielefeld, Dortmund and Cologne.

At the central station, take the tram lines 1 (towards Wenden/Heideblick) or 2 (towards Siegfriedviertel/Ottenroder Straße) until the station „Ludwigstraße“ (about 20 minutes), which is almost directly at our front door. As an alternative, take the bus 419 until „Hamburger Straße“ and follow the Hamburger Straße northwards about 300 m by foot. At the big „Schimmel-Hof“ sign (immediately behind the railway crossing) turn to the parking area, and find house number 273A.

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