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Shownotes von Drahflows Talk am 14. Juni 2016 mit Timestamps:

00:00:00  Einführung, Editor-Flamewars
00:01:38  vim starten, :help
00:02:06  vimtutor

00:03:08  /, *, #, n, N (search, search word below cursor forward/backward, next match, previous match)
00:04:50  % (search matching brace)

00:05:49  :help registers, :registers, P, p
00:07:10  (spontanes Nachinstallieren von Software)
00:10:15  dd (delete line), u (undo), "add (delete line and save into reg a), "ap (paste from reg a)
00:11:14  side note: :set showcmd (die Lösung für Screencasts)
00:11:48  Register * und + (X Primary Selection, X Clipboard)
00:13:00  Insert Mode: <Ctrl-R>a (insert text from register a), <Ctrl-A> (insert previously inserted text)

00:14:50  Insert Mode: <Ctrl-Y>, <Ctrl-E> (insert text which is above/below cursor)
00:15:45  :set number, :set relativenumber (absolute/relative line numbers on left side)

Navigation in Normal Mode (besides hjkl):
00:17:00  w, W, b, B (jump to next/previous word)
00:18:15  fX, tX (jump to next char 'X' / before next char 'X')

Edit command + motion, Text objects, ranges:
00:19:41  dw (delete word)
00:20:00  dtX, ctX (delete/change until before next 'X'), ytX (yank into register until before 'X') ...
00:21:15  "inner" range: ci" (delete everything inside ""), cit (change inner HTML tag) ...
00:22:54  das (delete a sentence), cap (change a paragraph)

00:23:50  ma (set mark a to current position), 'a (jump to line with mark a), `a (jump to mark a)
00:24:26  uppercase marks are (system-)global

00:24:27  Escape auf Caps Lock o.ä. mappen
00:26:47  {, } (jump to begin/end of current "block")
00:27:16  vim mit Input: man bash | vim -
00:27:42  :set scrolloff (scroll offset)
00:27:55  <Ctrl-E>, <Ctrl-Y> (Normal Mode): scroll up/down without cursor

Visual Mode:
00:28:30  v (Visual Mode), V (Visual Line), <Ctrl-V> (Visual Block) als Range
00:29:00  {Visual Block}I, {Visual Block}A (insert/append columns)

00:30:00 . (repeat last edit command)

00:30:58  u (undo), <Ctrl-R> (redo), g-, g+, :help earlier (time-based undo)

Special Chars:
00:33:36  Insert Mode <Ctrl-K>: "compose key"
00:34:30  Insert Mode <Ctrl-V>: "escape" mode (e.g. <Ctrl-V><ESC> => literal ESC char, <Ctrl-V> + hex char, <Ctrl-V><u> + hex char for Unicode)
00:35:23  ga (show hex codepoint of current char), vim -b

Character Case:
00:36:28  ~ (switch case), gU<range>, gu<range> (make characters in <range> upper/lowercase)
00:36:45  <Ctrl-A>, <Ctrl-X> (increment/decrement current number. Also hex and octal!)

00:37:35  Normal Mode: <<, >>, Insert Mode: <Ctrl-D>, <Ctrl-T> (increase/decrease indentation)
00:37:58  ==, ={motion}, {Visual}= (fix indentation}

00:38:38  0, ^, $ (jump to beginning/first non-space char/end of line)

00:39:14  qx (start recording macro to register x), q (stop recording), @x (execute macro x)
00:40:24  recorsive macros

00:41:30  gq{motion}, gq{motion} (rewrap lines), :set textwidth, :set colorcolumn, J (join next line)
00:43:38  o, O (insert new line below/above and go to Insert Mode)
00:43:48  p, P, "xp, "xP, {Visual}d (paste buffer below/above current line, delete visual block)

Spell Checking:
00:48:33  :set spell (enable spellchecking), :set spelllang, z= (spelling suggestion for word on cursor), ]s (next misspelled word)

Tag Files (source code browsing):
00:50:33  <Ctrl-]> (jump to definition of word on cursor), :help tags

00:51:35  Insert Mode: <Ctrl-N>, <Ctrl-P> (next/previous completion), <Ctrl-X><Ctrl-F> (filename completion), :help completion

00:54:03  :<range>! (filter range through external command, e.g. sort)
00:55:50  :grep (you guessed it), quick fix list, :cn, :cp (next/previous match), :make

00:55:34  gv (last visual selection)

00:58:50  :new, :vnew, :sp, :vsp (split windows), :tabnew, :tabnext, :tabprev (tabs), <Ctrl-W>o (make this the only window)
00:59:45  :buffers (show all open buffers)

01:00:15  :qa! (quit all without saving)

01:00:40  {Visual}o (go to other end of visual selection)
01:01:05  vimdiff
01:01:44  folding, :set foldmethod, zo, zc (open/close fold)