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Beschreibung: 3D-Drucker
Status: unbekannt (Was heißt das?)
Kontakt: larsan, Pecca
Usage Policy: Nach Einweisung durch Druckberechtigte

Wir bauen ein Resinlab für einen Elegoo Saturn 4k plus Wash&Cure.

Worum geht es? Resin-3D-Drucker: Yay. Im Space: nay. Aber wir haben noch das größtenteils ungenutzte Flurklo. Raum ist klein aber groß genug, hat Strom, Wasser, Belüftungsmöglichkeit und ist getrennt vom Space und abschließbar. Braucht aber erstmal ein bisschen mehr Renovierungszuneigung als nur einen Eimer Farbe.

Aktueller Planungsstatus:

Resinlab ist jetzt voll schön <3

How to Use the Resin Printer:

Please do not use the resin printer without prior instruction.

Prepare an .stl Model. (3D-printer page...)

Use Chitubox:
Learn how to prepare your model in Chitubox by watching this helpful video:

Printer: Elegoo Saturn
System: EL3D-3.0.1
Firmware: V4.4.3-Z1_LCDZ/3840X2400/F2.18
For more information, visit:

Good printer starting settings in Chitubox:
Load the default settings for this printer (Elegoo Saturn) in Chitubox and then make the following changes:
Exposure Time: 8s
Bottom Exposure Time: 60s

Resin types we currently have:

Resin settings for Elegoo resins:

Resin settings for other resins:

Steps in the lab:
The key to the lab is next to the Space door (green key fob).

Please be careful while working with resin printers. Everything will be sticky!
Put paper on unprotected surfaces and everywhere you plan to put sticky stuff.

Resin is not good for you! Wear gloves! Change sticky gloves when necessary.
Some people can manage to have one sticky glove and one clean one.

Turn the printer on. The switch is on the back left side.
Insert your USB stick on the right side of the printer.
Check if the resin is clean (nothing solid should be in there!) using a spatula. Gently move the spatula along the bottom of the tank.
If it is not clean, filter the resin.
Check if the building plate is clean.

Filtering resin:
Filter the resin into the bottle it came from. Use the metal funnel and filter in the lab.
Clean the funnel and filter after use.

Changing resin:
Filter the resin into the bottle (metal funnel and filter are somewhere close to you!), clean the tank, and put new resin in.
We should have more tanks with other resin to make this simpler, faster, and cleaner.

Use the touch display to check your settings and start the print.

Wear new gloves!
After the print, remove the build plate and gently take your print off the build platform using a spatula.

Avoid touching your print too much, as it is very soft at this point.

We have an Elegoo Mercury Plus wash and cure station:

Set the clear tank containing bioethanol (or isopropanol) on the base of the wash and cure station. Put your print into the metal cage and place both into the tank.
Turn on the wash and cure station, choose the circular arrows for cleaning, and set the timer to ~2 minutes (depends on the model and freshness of the isopropanol), then start the cleaning process.

Remove the tank and put in the little turntable.

You can carefully (model and supports are soft now) try to remove supports now. Otherwise, supports can be removed later by snapping them off.

Set your model on the turntable and switch the station to the little light bulb.
Put on the cover and set the timer to ~3 minutes (depends on your model), then press start.

The print is finished.

Now, please clean everything!