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Beschreibung: Licht für das Holodeck
Kontakt: Chrissi^, Kasa
Status: aktiv (Was heißt das?)
Download: ledctl auf gitli

Auf dem Holodeck gibt es über das Netzwerk steuerbares LED-Licht. Diese Seite soll grob die Funktionen dokumentieren. Für eine aktuelle Dokumentation siehe in der README.

Eine Lichtleiste auf dem Holodeck. Warnweiss
LED-Streifen für das Holodeck-Licht. Farbe: Warmweiss.Hinweis: Die LEDs scheinen von der Decke gegen die Wand und nicht wie hier der Eindruck entsteht von der Decke nach unten ;)


The LED-light is divided into four sections. Two on each side. The front section is two thirds of the length, the back section is obviously one third.

Looking to the screen-side of the room:

  • Section one is on the back on the left
  • The folling sections are named clockwise

Some useful defaults

Open one of these Links from inside the space to apply the new color.


The software exports a rudimentary web-based interface. The interface is divided into two sections:

  • Section to set colors or presets
  • Section to list and add/alter presets

Setting a color

A color is set using the following call:



<section> is all or a section number [1 .. 4]
<color> is a color-code

Color Codes are made up of a list of float values in the range of [0.0 .. 1.0]. Depending on the number of elements the color codes are iterpreted to be in different color spaces:

<float>: Is interpreted as brightness and creates a RGBW-mixed broad-spectrum white in the given brightness
<float>,<float>,<float>: Is interpreted as RGB-value. The value is transformed into the RGBW color space before outputting it. Thus even a 1.0,0.0,0.0 (red) will contain some white.
<float>,<float>,<float>,<float>: Is interpreted as RGBW-value. This value is directly outputted to the LEDs.
<float>,<float>,<float>,<float><float>,<float>,<float>,<float><float>,<float>,<float>,<float><float>,<float>,<float>,<float> (16 floats): This special form can be used on the section code all. It is interpreted as four RGBW-color codes for the four sections. Thus with this color code a new color for all sections can be set


There are two types of presets:

  • System-presets: These presets contain all RGB-colors defined with names in CSS. These presets can not be altered. But user-presets have a highter priority.
  • User-presets: These presets can be set by the user. The list has a limited length.

Listing presets:

Presets can be listed using the following call:


Setting presets:

A preset can be created or altered using the following call:


Using a preset:

A preset is set with the folowing call:


If a preset with colors for all four sections is applied on a section other than all only the first RGBW-value will be used on the section.