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On this page we want to translate everything important that is needed to know what we are, how to find us and everything that might be interesting for people who don't speak German.

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What is Stratum 0?

Stratum 0 (Wikipedia-W.svgIPA: [ˈʃtʁaːtʊm nʊl]) is the hackerspace in Braunschweig region, Germany. It is a place for entities interested in technology, hacker culture and creative usage of things to get together and exchange, keep up Hackerculture and being creative with technology. We see ourselves as an open Space, so that interested come by at every time (provided the Space is open), without being a member.

Since January 2014 we got a 164 m2 (1,765 ft2) big Space. To maintain the Space and its infrastructure, new members are always welcome.

The name comes from the Wikipedia-W.svgNetwork Time Protocol. We chose this name because there is an atomic clock at the Wikipedia-W.svgPTB which provides the time for Germany.

How to get to know us?

We consider ourselves as an open hackerspace, you can join us every time the status badge on the left says „open“, without the need to be a member. If the space is closed, you can also ask when someone will be around on IRC or on the mailing list. For a lot of our activities you can also check out our Event-Schedule (listed below).

How to get to us?

Here you can find a map and directions how to get to us.

Looking for projects?

Our projects are mostly described in German, you find them here: Projekte.

Boardgames for the blind are here: [1]

Upcoming Events


  • Sat, 18.05. 16:00 – 19:00: Digitalcourage Braunschweig, Palantir-Diskussion (Chillraum blockiert)
  • Fri, 17.05. 17:00: Hacken Open Air: Materialwartung im Space
  • Thu, 16.05. 19:00: Digitalcourage Braunschweig, Offenes Ortsgruppentreffen (online + im Space)
  • Thu, 16.05. 17:00 – 20:00: Hey, Alter!, Arbeitstreffen (Torhaus Wendentor)
  • Wed, 15.05. 19:00: Freifunk-Treffen (online + im Space)
  • Tue, 14.05. 19:00: Vorträge (Aufzeichnungen)
  • Tue, 14.05. 19:00: Spieleabend
  • Mon, 13.05. 19:00: Vorstands-Arbeitstreffen
  • Mon, 13.05. 18:00: Malkränzchen, offener Kreativabend (Frickelraum und/oder Küche)
  • Tue, 07.05. 19:00 – 21:00: Hacken Open Air Planungstreffen (Konferenz: BBB)
  • Tue, 07.05. 18:00: CTF0 Meetup
  • Sat, 04.05. 08:00 to Sun, 05.05. 12:00: Wurstworkshop (Küche)
  • Wed, 24.04. 18:00: Malkränzchen, offener Kreativabend
  • Wed, 24.04. 18:00: Hacken Open Air: veganes Wurst/Käse/Aufstrich-Testen (Space Küche)
  • Sun, 21.04. 10:00 – 18:00: Freifunk Eventnetz-Frühjahrsputz (nicht im Space!)
  • Sat, 20.04. 12:00 to Sun, 21.04. 12:00: Midnight Sun CTF
  • Sat, 20.04. 10:00 – 19:00: Bierbrauen (Küche + Chillraum reserviert)